Silence and Clarifications

As time passes, NCSOFT Korea keeps quiet and there is still no official word on a sequel to Lineage 2. However, I realized there are quite a few misunderstandings happening with what exactly ‘Lineage 3’ is supposed to be. I thought maybe clearing these up might be a good idea.
Many game and news websites falsely titled NCSOFT’s upcoming Lineage Eternal as “Lineage 3“.  But this in fact is not true.

According to the South Korean media, the dev team for Lineage 3 was gathered on Feb. 29. In fact, it was originally one of NCsoft’s inner teams called NT and after NCsoft decided to establish a series for all the Lineage projects, it inherited the Lineage title. At the same time, the dev team for Lineage Eternal also officially changed its name from LF to Team Eternal, meaning the development for Lineage Eternal has also entered on the right lines now.

Lineage Eternal was unveiled at G-Star 2011. Right after its debut, it was commonly believed to be the lineal sequel to the Lineage series. However, based on the structure reorganization, Lineage Eternal and Lineage 3 are obviously two different games.

Perhaps G-Star 2013 will bring us one step closer to information on a Lineage 3 title. 
G-Star 2013 is scheduled to be held from 14th to 17th of November at Bexco, Busan.
  • deltateam21

    When will the forum of this site be completed? I would love to discus about Lineage 3 with many other people.

    • xDrac

      Very soon!

  • xDrac


    • Alawami

      so.. one of the unreal engine 4 project is FPS (project hon) the other one could be L3 ? i doubt that xD
      but only the time will tell

  • Guest

    so.. one of the unreal engine 4 project is FPS (project hon) the other one could be L3 ? i doubt that xD
    but only the time will tell :D

  • Nick

    AAARRR how friggin long till I can play it?

    • xDrac

      No one knows :( Hopefully not too long!

  • Alawami

    Ok, it’s been 3 years.. holy shit. If Lineage 3 was being deveoloped since 2012 it would be ready to be shown in G-star 2016. If it doesn’t show up, I doubt we will ever see a game called Lineage 3 *watery eyes*.

  • StillWaitingForL3

    there’s people playing lineage 2 to this day, I hope it is released in my life time

    AND I REEEEAAAALLY hope the game keeps the same art style and huge and rich world they’ve built on

    please dont be a copy of other MMO’S and let it really feel like LINEAGE 3

  • Dying for waiting for the L3.

    How much time till we’re to wait for L3 to be released? Fuck, we cannot wait any longer.

  • Jinxy Karu

    A TRUE Lineage 3 would be absolutely amazing. I won’t give up hope to a true L3 <3

  • EkatKris

    HI, could you tell me if Lineage Eternal is also pvp and free pk like the traditional Lineage 2 ?

  • Roland

    Cmon ncsoft. Pleeease make an Lineage3 Its sutch a huuge fanbase

  • Lineage3Never

    When’s Lineage 3?!