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Silence and Clarifications

Sep 24 2013 03:36 PM | xDrac in Lineage 3 News

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"As time passes, NCSOFT Korea keeps quiet and there is still no official word on a sequel to Lineage 2. However, I realized there are quite a few misunderstandings happening with what exactly ‘Lineage 3′ is supposed to be. I thought maybe clearing these up might be a good idea. Many game and news websites falsely titled NCSOFT’s upcoming Lineage Eternal as “Lineage 3“. But this in fact is not true.

According to the South Korean media, the dev team for Lineage 3 was gathered on Feb. 29. In fact, it was originally one of NCsoft’s inner teams called NT and after NCsoft decided to establish a series for all the Lineage projects, it inherited the Lineage title. At the same time, the dev team for Lineage Eternal also officially changed its name from LF to Team Eternal, meaning the development for Lineage Eternal has also entered on the right lines now.

Lineage Eternal was unveiled at G-Star 2011. Right after its debut, it was commonly believed to be the lineal sequel to the Lineage series. However, based on the structure reorganization, Lineage Eternal and Lineage 3 are obviously two different games."

Source: mmosite.com

Perhaps G-Star 2013 will bring us one step closer to information on a Lineage 3 title. G-Star 2013 is scheduled to be held from 14th to 17th of November at Bexco, Busan.

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Lineage3 to use Unreal Engine 4?

Sep 24 2013 03:32 PM | xDrac in Lineage 3 News

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NCsoft announced that they made a contract with Epic Games to develop 2 huge online games by using Unreal Engine 4 on 14th of February. It means NCsoft has 2 more projects ongoing beside ‘Lineage Eternal’ revealed at G-Star 2011,

Even though NCsoft did not mention what they are, people expect they are ‘LINEAGE3’ and ‘AION2’ because NCsoft called them as next series and they recently insisted using own IP more actively in the future.

It has been known that they have been developing LINEAGE3 since August, 2011 by using their own game engine. But, it has been confirmed that the project was cancelled because of internal issues at the middle of 2012. For AION2, it has been known that it has been on developing from the end of 2011. The original AION was using Cry Engine.

People expect their new projects will be developed for 2 to 3 years with $92.3 million budget for each. This budget size is 4 times bigger than AION and exceeds Archeage as well.

NCsoft Rep said “That’s right. We are developing 2 new series now. However, we cannot confirm what they are. These projects will be introduced after Lineage Eternal.”

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News from Korea

Mar 16 2010 12:00 AM | xDrac in Lineage 3 News

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Recently, on Korea Trademark Conference 2006 held by Korea Institute of Industrial Policy Studies, Lineage was rewarded with the title of Super Trademark, the first prize for game trademark. This is the third time in a row that Lineage series was crowned Super Trademark which indicates the trademark with the highest value in the gaming industry.
Till June 30, 2006, the Lineage series has generated 1 trillion 400 billion KRW (approximately 15 million USD). Its valid monthly accounts and concurrent users are 2,5 million and 600,000 respectively. Such accumulated sales revenue even matches Korea’s automobile sales revenue.
It is learned that NCsoft is busy developing Lineage III in order to extend the Lineage series legend. The developers are working hard to present a higher level game world in Lineage III for the audience. They are learning dancing in order to make moving characters more natural . They invite make-up artists to deliver lectures for them in order to express more accurately the differences between eastern faces and western faces. Recently, they took nearly 10,000 background photos in Korea and some European countries in order to present vivid game environments.

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