Lineage III is NCSOFT’s upcoming MMORPG title¬†and is part of the Lineage series.
Although recent sources have misconstrued that Lineage Eternal is, in fact, Lineage III, the two titles are NOT the same.
Lineage III was originally anticipated to use the Unreal Engine 3, but after reports of a code exploit by an NCsoft employee back in 2009, a representative from the South Korean company has since stated that NCSOFT will instead develop an entirely new proprietary engine. It is also speculated that they might be using the Unreal Engine 4 for one of their newest projects.
It is anticipated that Lineage III is developed under the codename ‘Lineage Forever’ as opposed to the sister title Lineage Eternal.

We established lineage3-online.com in order to follow the development of Lineage 3, the next sequel to the popular MMO series ‘Lineage’ from NCSOFT. For several years there has been no clear information or announcement about it. And there are false and inaccurate facts scattered all around the internet. We intend to change that and shed light upon the truth regarding Lineage 3. We will keep you updated whenever there is something new and exciting to know.

  • geomam

    When L3 will be out, the players of L2 we can move to L3 as we are or we start from the beggining?

  • eviion

    I’m getting to old now :(((