Silence and Clarifications

As time passes, NCSOFT Korea keeps quiet and there is still no official word on a sequel to Lineage 2. However, I realized there are quite a few misunderstandings happening with what exactly ‘Lineage 3′ is supposed to be. I thought maybe clearing these up might be a good idea.
Many game and news websites falsely titled NCSOFT’s upcoming Lineage Eternal as “Lineage 3“.  But this in fact is not true.

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Lineage3 to use Unreal Engine 4?


NCsoft announced that they made a contract with Epic Games to develop 2 huge online games by using Unreal Engine 4 on 14th of February. It means NCsoft has 2 more projects ongoing beside ‘Lineage Eternal’ revealed at G-Star 2011,

Even though NCsoft did not mention what they are, people expect they are ‘LINEAGE3’ and ‘AION2’ because NCsoft called them as next series and they recently insisted using own IP more actively in the future.

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News from Korea


Recently, on Korea Trademark Conference 2006 held by Korea Institute of Industrial Policy Studies, Lineage was rewarded with the title of Super Trademark, the first prize for game trademark. This is the third time in a row that Lineage series was crowned Super Trademark which indicates the trademark with the highest value in the gaming industry.

Till June30, 2006, the Lineage series has generated 1 trillion 400 billion KRW (approximately 1.4~ billion USD). Its valid monthly accounts and concurrent users are 2,5 million and 600,000 respectively. Such accumulated sales revenue even matches Korea’s automobile sales revenue.

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